I have a 10-year-old dinosaur of a desktop computer. It’s time to bring it to the county recycling depot. How to remove information from its hard drive, to protect my privacy? I called a local computer retailer, and was told that the store would do it for $100.00. Telling the kind gent that I didn’t want to spend that kind of money, he actually advised throwing the computer down a flight of stairs. The fall likely would break the hard drive. No thanks!

A colleague then suggested slamming the computer against a tree. That would feel like very strange behavior; plus, my neighbors understandably might wonder if I’ve lost my mind. There also likely would be lots of little pieces to pick up from the snowy ground. Not a good option, either.

Someone else suggested drilling through the monitor to poke holes in the hard drive. Now, just to figure out exactly where it is, within the “guts” of the monitor. Client Mike, who used to have a construction company, agreed to drill through it for me. He’s as comfortable using tools as I am uncomfortable.


Thanks for photo credit to Matt Artz through Unsplash.

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Before Recycling or Trashing an Old Computer