In our first session, Bev and I cleared her upholstered chair, the area around it and her desk. We discussed moving the desk next to her two-drawer filing cabinet, nestled in a corner. We might also move her bed, so she could enjoy summer breezes through the two windows. The taller of her two dressers might fit well on the opposite wall in the desk’s current spot, to balance the room.

Our next time together, we picked up where we had left off in our first session. Continuing our progress around the room, we arranged books in her built-in, recessed bookshelves, which also display her collection of owls (ceramic, toy, etc). We moved the bed, now with its head facing into the corner. The upholstered chair went into a corner. We moved the tall dresser, cleared the top of the shorter one.

Next time – organizing crafts materials and projects in the upstairs hallway. Progress!

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Bev’s Bedroom Sanctuary