Bev got in touch. She has a Cape-style house. She said that her bedroom is a “mess,” with its contents spilling into other rooms. She felt the need to bring in a professional organizer. We agreed on an afternoon session in two weeks. A day or so before it, we moved the timing back an hour, allowing her to hike first with family and her new puppy.

A house tour revealed a few areas that could be improved. Where to start? What was bugging her most? Quickly answering that her bedroom was the place to begin, I suggested starting in one spot, and moving our way around the room. We cleared off an upholstered chair, the area directly around it, and her desk. As we worked, we discussed re-arranging the room’s furniture, most importantly her bed, to ease opening two side-by-side windows. We also planned where to hang a treasured piece and how to display the last three dinner plates belonging to her great-grandparents.

In our next session or two, we will continue working our way around the room. Future plans – the two-drawer filing cabinet, organizing her crafts and other areas.

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Bev’s Work in Progress