It can happen easily. A wide kitchen counter is a convenient place to drop mail and other items, especially when the other person living in the house and its two friendly dogs want attention.

Judy and I devoted a wintry day’s session to clearing the counter. It had a pile of newspapers, holiday cards, other mail and a box of gifts to be sent.

We opened cards, and recycled them. The envelopes? If she needed the return addresses, we tore them off, and tucked them into another envelope, marked “addresses.”

Set aside needed return addresses in a place that you’ll remember, maybe in an old-fashioned address book, for when you want to write an honest-to-goodness “real” paper note or letter.

As we worked, we decided where some items might go – into her desk and a file cabinet, which we would clear at another time. In the meantime, there’s a clear counter for Judy and Nathaniel to use.

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A Clear Counter

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