This story is from the photo archives of De-clutter Me! When Meghan and I first worked together, she, her husband Justin, and I started with garage clutter. Their goals – to clear it and, in the process, to make room for their vehicles, which would be important for the winter.

Their active family, like many others, owns lots of toys – bikes and equipment for various sports. The garage also held chairs, a grill, clothes, furniture, and more.

Methodically, we started sifting through it all. Some items were consolidated, like balls of different sizes into mesh bags. Other things were put into the trash or into recycling. Still others were set aside to go into the basement which, as Meghan said, would be another project: “Wait ’til you see it.”



Before our next session, Meghan and Justin had done more sorting, including moving a furniture piece to the basement. A corner looked better! The photo shows some empty bins, which we would use.

A corner is less cluttered
More in-between

In our next session, Meghan and I cleared more garage clutter. She set out some plastic bins, like laundry baskets, for items to give away, for other rooms, etc.

For other rooms, to give away, and more
Bins for sorting

To the left of the corner, as we had previously discussed, we started loading shelves, with seasons in mind – winter and summer.

Shelves for seasonal storage
Shelves for seasonal storage

Pure genius – they used a coat rack to store bike helmets!

Using a coat rack for helmets!
Genius – a coat rack for helmets!

My favorite part of the session – hanging a tricycle on the wall!

Hanging a tricycle on the wall
A tricycle on the wall!

Before long, we would “graduate” to the basement, which would be another big job. We began it. Arriving on a winter morning, I was delighted to see Meghan’s vehicle in the garage, with another space for Justin’s. We still had more to do in the garage, but one of their goals was achieved. Yay!

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Cleared Garage Clutter = Room for Vehicles!