At the end of our last session together, Andrea said that, next, she would want to work in her bedroom, including in the closet, so she could hide Christmas presents there.

First, though, the dresser and the corner area next to it. There was a bin holding clean clothes, which only needed to be put away. The hooks (actually pretty mounted stones) held pajamas, and a string of Tibetan prayer flags. I suggested that Andrea might enjoy them in her home office. She promptly hung them in one of its windows. They can be seen from the front porch, too. Bonus points!

We then focused on the dresser. On the top – some papers that really belonged in her office, so we placed them there for her to file later on. We cleared other items, and moved to the side a sweet photo of her in her first apartment. We lifted some books from the floor, partially solving the “problem” of too many books in the bedroom. We’ll work on that more at another time.

Next, the closet. We switched some dresses from one rod to another, then turned our attention to the floor. We pulled out some things to be discarded or donated, and an art piece that her daughter made years ago. Will she want it? That’s to be determined. What’s that strange white thing? Andrea told me it’s a back support. Really? I thought it more looks like it belongs in a “Star Wars” movie.

At some point while we worked together, Andrea said, “I love having you here!” As the saying goes, it doesn’t get much better than that!

She was getting tired, so we quit the closet work. In our last little bit of time, we organized the drawers in the living room piece holding stereo equipment.

Next? Perhaps work in her daughter’s bedroom, as she will be home from college for semester break.

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“I Love Having You Here!”