For our mini-session together, Empress chose bedroom clutter, focusing on a corner. We started with items on a little table in front of two stacked plastic bins. Some were thrown out and others were put away elsewhere. We folded the table and set it aside. Next, we worked on the top of the two bins, repeating the process. We found some change, which Empress added to a plastic bag with other coins. What to do with it? I suggested bringing it her bank to open a savings account specifically meant for fun. When we were done, all that remained were her much-read Bible, a musical instrument, and an ocean shell. (She’d offered it to me, but I said that she should keep it, because it looked so perfect.)

There was a walker in front of the closet. We moved it away, and I encouraged Empress to toss the Valentine’s Day balloons tied to it, as we were together in late March. With our remaining time, I straightened the shoes, sneakers, and sandals in the storage piece against the wall.



As our mini-session finished, Empress was happy with our work clearing some of her bedroom clutter. She felt encouraged to do a bit more on her own. Yay!

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Clearing Corner Bedroom Clutter