Elsewhere on this website, you may read that physical clutter = mental clutter. While many clients learn that while we’re working together, others knew it already, which may have inspired them to hire De-clutter Me!

There’s another kind of clutter that may be calling for your attention, though not as visibly as physical objects you can see. Is your email inbox bulging? Your “sent” file, too? You might want to consider purging from them on a daily basis, as the previous Timely Tip (which perhaps you’ll actually read next) suggested about (physical) things. That way, you can clear your mind, wiping your mental slate clean. It helps me, and it might work for you, too.

About De-clutter Me!

De-clutter Me! offers non-judgmental, competitively-priced and confidential assistance to help clear clutter in your home and/or business. We’ve been “bringing calm to chaos” since 2013.

Clearing Electronic Clutter