Barbara lives in a house that doesn’t have enough storage. She found De-clutter Me! with an online search. Would I come to help? Of course! After I arrived, we toured the house. Where to work? She chose the kitchen clutter. We started with the table, where her husband also does school-related work. We tossed some items, placed others in the adjacent storage piece drawers. We put on the table his multi-colored pens and filled the napkin holder.



Next, we turned to the work table next to the sink. We moved the canning jars to the top of another surface next to the stove. Barbara would use them soon. We put containers in the pantry. On the shelves below, we moved garbage bags to under the sink. We set aside a couple of items for donation or sale. We put onions in a bowl, and breads in another.


With our remaining time together, we tackled under the sink, pulling everything out. Barbara put down shelf paper. She also had a couple of shelf extenders, which we put to good use. We placed bins on and under them. Carefully considering what she uses most, we placed items in them so that she wouldn’t have to pull some things out to get to others behind them. That sometimes leads to stacking things in frustration or haste, and then back to kitchen clutter!

As we finished, Barbara was happy with our progress. I congratulated her for her hard work!

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Clearing Kitchen Clutter, Making It Easier to Use