Yiota emailed, wondering if I’m still “rescuing” people. Yes! We spoke. She lives in (what she calls) a “funky” house, but it needed transformation. We scheduled some time. The holidays got in the way, then we finally got together. We toured around the house, which is full of character and engaging stuff to look at. There must be great stories about things! A few areas could use some attention. Also, might she tweak how she uses a room or two? We discussed some ideas for her to consider. What was bugging her most? For starters, we would clear some kitchen counter clutter.

One initial challenge – “like” items were stored in more than one place. For example, dog food and other items used daily for her pooch were spread out, both on the counter and in the adjacent (“back”) room’s closet. It would be good, and less confusing, to consolidate them.

We started at one edge and worked our way around the counter. We tossed some items, and placed others into recycling. She chose a basket to hold dog stuff. We decided it was too tall and, magically, she found another, and equally pretty, basket that fit into the space better.

Respecting the importance of coffee and tea, we placed items for them along the wall, carefully leaving open the space right in front of the outlets. The shelf above the counter held a variety of teas. We sifted through them, arranging them better.

We discussed the back room closet. How about placing appliances together on a lower shelf? Perhaps we might do that in our next session.

Just before I left, Yiota said that she would shift the newly-arranged teas to the other shelf above the counter. Why? She would prefer it that way. Okay! We pulled out our calendars, and scheduled our next time together. Onward!

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Clearing Kitchen Counter Clutter