I recently saw an article about clever reuse, and thought to pass along its suggestions. If you use dryer sheets to keep your clothes static-free, keep them. Put a container in the laundry area to hold used ones, then use them to make any of the following household tasks easier.

Around the House

  • Wipe one over clothes or furniture to help remove pet hair.
  • Run them over baseboards and other molding to lift dust and help repel it. (Much easier than hauling around a vacuum!)
  • Keep window blinds clean longer by wiping them down with a used dryer sheet to repel dust and lint. (This is my favorite, since cleaning the blinds never seems easy, and is oh-so-easy to skip.)
  • Wipe ceiling fan blades. (How to do this? Maybe secure one to a yardstick with a rubber band.)
  • Remove soot from candle holders with a light scrub from a used dryer sheet.

For the Laundry

  • Stuff two into stinky shoes to help freshen them.
  • Clean a gunky iron by rubbing a used dryer sheet over it.
  • Wipe down the inside of the dryer and the lint tray with a used dryer sheet to help pick up stubborn dust and lint.
  • Remove deodorant marks on clothes by lightly rubbing with a used dryer sheet.
  • Tuck a few used dryer sheets in dresser drawers for a nice, light scent.

In the Office

  • Wipe and dust the television or computer screen. Dryer sheets’ anti-static properties help repel dust and lint.
  • Freshen a musty book by putting it into a large plastic baggie with a used dryer sheet or fold a piece or two within the pages of the book itself.
  • Wipe dull scissor blades with a used dryer sheet to sharpen them for clean cuts.

In the Bathroom

  • Wet a used dryer sheet with a few drops of water and wipe it on bathroom surfaces (faucet, shower doors, etc.) to remove soap residue.
  • Help remove glitter nail polish by soaking a used dryer sheet in nail polish remover.
  • Eliminate “hat head” and flyaways by running a used dryer sheet on hair.
  • Scrub toilet rings with used dryer sheets.
  • Polish eyeglass lenses with a used dryer sheet (don’t use on plastic lenses).

In the Kitchen

  • Clean up dry spills (like flour in the kitchen or sawdust in the garage) with a used dryer sheet. The tiny particles will stick better to a clingy dryer sheet than to a rag or paper towel.
  • Wet a dryer sheet and use it to clean stubborn food off cookware.
  • Toss a used dryer sheet into a sheet pan that’s soaking to help loosen cooked-on food.
  • Help keep garbage can odors at bay by tossing in used dryer sheets.

In the Yard and the Car

  • Put a used dryer sheet in the bottom of a planter or pot to keep soil from falling through the drainage hole.
  • Stuff used dryer sheets into toilet paper rolls to use as a fire starter for camping or a backyard bonfire.
  • Wet a used dryer sheet, then scrub bugs from the front of your car.
  • Dust your car’s console and dashboard with used dryer sheets.

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Clever Reuses – for Dryer Sheets!

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