Responding to a Front Porch Forum posting, Amy contacted De-clutter Me! in November. She was interested in a holiday gift certificate for her mother. Would that be possible? Sure! She sent a check then, in turn, I sent the gift certificate. Her mother would prefer after the holidays, then there was another delay for a warm-weather vacation.

Finally, her mother and I met. Bridget wanted to focus on an upstairs closet in the house she and her husband have shared for some 40 years. Working top to bottom, we pulled out boxes of their (now adult) children’s old t-shirts and other items for them to inspect, then to either keep or discard, AWAY from their parents’ closet. We set aside some sewing patterns for her daughter-in-law, and consolidated other patterns and sewing supplies. We re-positioned comforters and three suitcases. We grouped long dresses together, to both save space and make the closet look better. We set aside other items to be donated.

Along the way, we listened to some great music and also enjoyed a lively discussion about books.

The closet clutter cleared, Bridget said that she was pleased, and would recommend De-clutter Me! to her reading group and bridge club friends.

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Closet Clutter Cleared!