In our next session, Peggy wanted to tackle her crafts area clutter. Okay! We started with the tabletop. Working from left to right, I first suggested that, later on, she go through the containers of pens and pencils, to keep the good ones and discard those “past their prime.” Reminding her that I would ask some questions repeatedly, for example, how often does she use the cutter? Not very often. Okay, we’ll put that on the side shelves in its box, which also will free up some space on the shelves directly below the table within view and more easily reached. The little silk plant pots would be added to a gift project for her sister. The woven piece she’d made could hold a votive candle.


Now, to organize the two shelves directly below the tabletop. We brought all containers to the kitchen island, so we could see everything spread out. Luckily, Peggy had a number of plastic bins and a label maker. We went through everything, consolidating some craft-making materials. It was highly detailed work. I encouraged Peggy through the “tough part,” noting that she would have much more fun in the future, since she would be able to find things.  No more frustration!

Next, on to the corner. We pulled out the chair. Peggy said that she’d been looking for it! We put the big, blue, round desk “chair” on the other side of the room. As with the tabletop and lower shelves, we worked methodically on the bookcase, consolidating what we could – craft and sewing supplies, notecards and envelopes. We set aside art pieces and frames to go downstairs.

When we were done, Peggy was pleased, and relieved, too! Now, creating crafts will be easier and more fun. Yay!

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