Julie is a busy medical professional. Beyond her work, she enjoys many crafts activities. Her crafts room had become cluttered so, when she had time for her hobbies, its space wasn’t really usable.

We started first on the closet. We worked from top to bottom, reserving the most easily-reached shelving for items she would want to use most. The top and bottom shelves would be for projects done less often. We added some things that were on the crowded table.

Next, we cleared the space in front of the table, then started on the table itself. We moved some table items to the shelves lining a nearby wall. Again, we reserved the “most valuable real estate” – the shelves most easily reached – for items she would want to use most.

Our time used up, we discussed how Julie might finish the project on her own. She would not have free time in the next couple of months for full sessions together. Instead, she would “chip away” at it as shorter periods of time became available.

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Creating Space in a Crafts Room