On a bright, sunny (and not freezing!) February Saturday morning, I arrived at Jennifer and Ryan’s house. After sending their three children off for the day, Jennifer and I got to work. First, we moved some things around in the kitchen, and re-arranged some drawers. I recommended containers to hold small pieces, like batteries. Then, a bit hesitant and shyly, Jennifer asked if I would come upstairs to her daughter’s room.

Izzy, a bright and creative child, is artistic and musical. First, we cleared her desk and reorganized shelves behind it.

Her walk-in closet includes shelves for her various projects. As with many busy and active families, neat storage might not have been at the top of the list. We worked on shelves, consolidating, moving, making some things easier for her to reach.

With the remaining available time, we cleared a corner.

As so often is the case, when our three-hour session time ended, Jennifer looked relieved. Another Success Story!

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February Fixes
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