Etienne and I briefly met at a morning coffee gathering for women business owners. I followed up, sending her details about my work as a professional organizer. She responded, saying that she would want me to de-clutter her whole house. Wow!

At the beginning of our first session, we toured around the house. I asked what was bugging her most. Etienne quickly said that it was her office, so we started there. The desk was cluttered, as was a surface next to it, under some bookshelves. Across from the desk were two big bookshelves, which could use some attention, too.

We started with the area next to the desk. We placed some office supplies in the lower shelves, planning to work on them at another time. We otherwise cleared the surface, and set aside a colorful framed print to hang on the opposite wall. Etienne smiled.

Next, we would tackle the desk. I explained to Etienne that, in my work as a professional organizer, it’s worked well to move from one side to another, and also from top-to-bottom. In another session, we would use the latter method on the bookshelves across from the desk. Now, though, we moved from right to left on the desk itself. We created new files, set aside more office supplies for later organization, and consolidated papers with others of the same topic.

Our first session’s time almost used up, I suggested that our next session’s focus might be the shelves across from the desk and, if time allows, the lower shelves next to the desk, which we started calling “office supplies land.”

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