Ed owns an AirBnB on a spectacular property. He bought it “as is.” The big house is beautifully furnished, including with antiques and (to my mind) charming vintage wallpapers. Maybe privately relieved, he encouraged his sweetie Peggy and me to work on it a bit. On our way there, Peggy suggested that I might be impressed. Might be?? If not literally, my mouth figuratively fell open.

The open-air kitchen and dining area, with additional “hang out” space, has lots of windows, plus an indoor garden. One thing stopped me in my tracks when Peggy identified it – grown from an avocado pit!

From an avocado pit!

After a tour around the house, Peggy and I began. We started with a side cupboard next to a wall. She called it “low hanging fruit.” We made quick work of it, consolidating coffee filters, plastic storage containers, paper plates, plastic cups and cutlery, mason jars.


Next, we worked on drawers with utensils and hand tools. They were jumbled, a bit confusing, and hopefully wouldn’t cause injuries from anything that might be sharp. We made sense of them, tossed pieces “past their prime,” placed “like with like,” and made their contents easy to find and safer to use.


Now, more “low hanging fruit.” We cleared off the counter.


I was interested in the Italian sign. Using the translator function on my phone, I looked it up. If understanding it accurately, it means “Eat and shut up.” Ha!

Eat and shut up


We were almost done. There were two junk drawers to explore. We tossed some items, recycled others and, in general, made better sense of them, too. There even was some open space – yay!


Peggy and I agreed that it was a good morning’s work. What’s next? While that’s to be determined, it will be a pleasure to work again at Ed’s AirBnB.

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Fixing AirBnB Kitchen Clutter