Are you expecting guests on short notice? Are you looking at mess that you can’t tolerate anymore, and have little time to clean? If you live in a small apartment, you can fix it all in ~30 minutes; if in a larger space, spend an hour. You’ll focus on the kitchen, bath, and living/dining spaces. Here are some steps to make you smile.

  • Gather basics – floor and bleach wipes, glass cleaner, countertop spray, air freshener.
  • Pick up all that’s on the floor and put it away.
  • Spray all kitchen/dining room surfaces and wipe them dry.
  • Using bleach wipes, wipe down the sink, toilet and shower.
  • Use glass cleaner on bathroom mirrors. Don’t forget the entryway, if there’s one there.
  • Shake out rugs and straighten pillows. Use air freshener on upholstered surfaces.
  • Light some candles if you have them, and lower the lights a bit, if you’d like. Put on some music. Smile!

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