Natalie and Tom would soon welcome friends who often stay with them to ski. This time, the wife in the couple would stay in one of their guest rooms, recovering from double knee replacement surgery. Her husband would sleep in another guest room, close by.

As Natalie had indicated, I arrived to find the bed covered with neatly folded clothes. She was sure about parting with some, though we would discuss other items.

We carefully looked at all. She graciously decided to donate some to SCHIP’s Treasure Resale Shop, an interfaith program’s second-hand shop in Shelburne, VT. All of its sale proceeds benefit needy families and individuals in Shelburne, Charlotte and Hinesburg. I offered to drop off her contributions to SCHIP’s on the way home, and to send a tax deduction receipt for her taxes.

With a scratchy throat and a cold coming on, Natalie helped load donations into my car, and promised to send a photo of the bed, once it was made.

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