In our next session, Kelly wanted to focus on guest bedroom clutter. A family gathering would happen in several days, and the room could use some fast attention.

First, we cleared the dresser top. We set aside toiletries for the bathroom, and other things for other rooms, for the trash, and for recycling. Easy-peasy!

Now, to the various bags on the floor. They included clothes, some of which we folded and piled, to be handed down to a little girl nearby. There also were books and more books! We set some aside for the shelves in another room, which we cleared in a previous session. Others were slated for donation.

The “after” photo shows a box with a folded towel and sunglasses on top of it. Where would they go? Into Rosy, the red VW bug! A towel in a car? It certainly could be useful, with two young daughters in the family. The sunglasses? They could come in handy, perhaps on a day that began rainy and then cleared.

Our session time just about used up, we pushed the few remaining boxes and bags into the corner and against the wall. Kelly smiled, happy that the room was “presentable” for when family would arrive in several days.


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Guest Bedroom Clutter Gone!