We met at a professional gathering. She is a young widow with three children, a dog, and a job. Despite previous attempts, the kitchen cupboards needed help from a professional organizer. The counters were cluttered, too. When could I be available? Soon!

I arrived on a hot and humid morning, with a storm approaching. She was excited about the progress we would make. I suggested that we start in one corner of the cupboards and work top-to-bottom, and move our way around the room. She agreed, with a big smile.

We started with a cupboard that held cookbooks and some food. She said that she wanted to purge most of the books, since she doesn’t use most of them anyway. Seemingly like a monkey, she got onto the counter and handed down books. We grouped cereals and snacks.

As we worked, her children and some visiting friends woke up and appeared in the kitchen, looking for breakfast. A friend of hers arrived. It’s a busy and happy household, with people often floating in and out.

Next, we worked on a corner cupboard. What were those small legs poking out of a bowl on the top shelf? They were for decorating a Barbie cake.

Towards the top, we placed items for baking, which she mostly enjoys in the fall. We put peanut butter and consolidated hazelnut spreads for quick snacks on the bottom shelf. (There had been several scattered among the other cupboards.)

The next cupboard held a variety of items. We quickly reorganized it, placing pasta and rices at the bottom. She makes them often.

Her husband, who died a couple of years ago, enjoyed cooking more than she does. Also, she doesn’t have lots of free time. We pulled everything out of the next cupboard, tossing expired foods and spices. We put some things back, discussing how to save space for additional items that might migrate there. Bonus points – it’s good to open cupboards and see open space. It’s actually restful for the eyes.

With our remaining time, we cleared a counter.

Our time used up, her smile was even brighter!

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