Overwhelmed by holiday decorations? Here are some tips to keep you sane.

1. Do you have some that you don’t like anymore? Give them away or donate them.

2.You don’t have to use everything every year! Variety can be fun. Besides, if you rotate items, you may enjoy them more.

3. Buy storage containers only after you know what you really need. Some people prefer red and/or green, while others prefer clear ones, so it’s easier to see what’s inside. Wine boxes with dividers and egg cartons are great, too, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

4. If you have children, you might want to separate out their holiday items now. When they establish their own homes, you can hand over boxes of holiday treasures. Still using those items? You might start lists of what belongs to whom, to make the process easier when the time comes.

5. If you finish using a roll of wrapping paper, and if you have a relatively short string of lights, you can wrap the lights around the paper roll.

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