Jae and Armand live in a wonderful house that dates from the early 1800s. To suggest that it has “good bones” would be a pathetic understatement. Walking in definitely feels like entering an earlier century, a true pleasure for a professional organizer who enjoys American history.

A corner of their bedroom “called out” for attention. Jae had been traveling, and working out since returning home. Busy-ness led her to drop clothes in a corner. We began by separating laundry and strategizing where some other things might go. She planned a “fashion show” for herself and a friend who would soon visit. They would go through her closet, deciding what to keep and what to discard or give away.

As I admired the elegant Oriental china piece on the low window sill, Jae told me that they use it to collect spare change!

We cleared the corner area. Jae brought up from the basement a low set of shelves, where we would place items from her dresser. To contain them, she also magically produced a high-gloss tray in excellent condition, rescued from the town dump. Superb recycling!

Next, the dresser itself. Its top held some food supplements and pills, a salt lamp and an elegant Oriental box. We discarded items past their usefulness dates, and placed others on the low bookcase that Jae had brought up from the basement.

Would it have been possible for her smile to be any wider? Doubtful! What would we do next? That was to be determined but, for the moment, Jae was thrilled and predicted that Armand would be, too.

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Honoring an Old House’s Bedroom Corner