In two sessions, Mike and I cleared clutter from and organized the house front closet. The family uses the front door, so we carefully considered winter coats, hats, gloves, boots, and also protecting the carpet from snow and ice. We used my professional organizer’s fail-safe method of working top-to-bottom.

Directly across from the closet was a slim, desk-type piece. I suggested that a bench with storage space might work better. Mike said that there might be a piano bench in the house. It was there for our second session. He said that it already was helpful. Great!

We must have been thinking alike because, as I was also formulating the thought, Mike said that a thin plastic piece, like those placed under desk chairs in offices, might protect the carpet.

We started with the top shelf, pulling some items for the laundry. We stored an air mattress and its pump on the left. We folded and placed some blankets in the middle, with their folds pointed out, to minimize visual noise.

Next, we touched everything hanging on the rod itself. Some things would go into the laundry, too. We arranged others by size.

I had a brain storm! The closet doors’ insides were practically begging to be used. I suggested to Mike that hooks might work on the left. He found some, with two hooks on each. Almost magically, the parts to screw in were just the right length to use the door’s thickness without poking through to the outside. We hung some hats and scarves at the top, adding a second row of hooks between the upper ones, so the lower ones wouldn’t “conflict” with those above them. On the lower part of the door, we placed hooks that young Ava would be able to reach easily.


We hung hooks to organize hats, scarves, mittens, and umbrellas
The closet door!

On to the closet floor. It held a variety of items. We pulled them out, including what felt like a never-ending collection of boots and flip flops!

Mike found a floor shoe rack. We put boots on its top, with flip flops on the floor since, as the season is changing, they won’t be needed much more. Talking about access to them, we placed the carpet steam cleaner and vacuum on the closet floor. Mike assured me that he would be able to reach them.

With the closet’s other door available, we talked about a hanging shoes bag, with clear pockets. Smiling, Mike said he will get one. Success!

In our next session, we will organize the garage.

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