Katherine is a busy medical professional. An avid reader, she also cherishes time with her friends and visits Disney World a couple of times each year. Her room could use some care.We agreed on a “double session” day – three morning hours, a lunch break, then three more hours in the afternoon. She especially wanted to work on her closet, but first…We started with a book case. We organized its books, concentrated fashion magazines, and displayed on top some photos and cameras, including a vintage Brownie, found at a yard sale.


We then worked our way around the room. We cleared the top and around a standing jewelry storage piece and displayed in the corner a parasol bought at Disney for sun protection.


Next – a bookcase and shallow desk on the other side of her bed. We added books and generally straightened up, including placing a red piggy bank on the desk for her collected change. On to clearing the dresser then, next, what felt a bit scary – the closet.

First, we removed games from the closet’s one shelf, preferring to use that “valuable real estate” for sweaters and other tops. We folded them neatly with the folded part showing, to reduce “visual noise.” Next, we sorted the hanging dresses, skirts, slacks and varied tops so she could see them all easier. We also organized her shoes and discussed floor storage for them, so she could see her options fast, grab a pair and go!


After our “double session” day, Katherine was smiling and looked relieved. Success!

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Katherine’s Room Transformation