In our next session, Caroline wanted to work on her kitchen clutter. Our focus – the sturdy table, built by her great grandfather. It’s a cooking work space, but also is an easy place to drop things. It’s a good size, and it’s temptingly right there…

As is my professional organizer’s customary method, we started at one end and worked our way across it. We touched each item. We un-boxed three vials of tablets to boost electrolytes, tucking them into a cupboard side. We slid other items into other cupboard slots. We added a small pottery piece to others like it in the living room. We put other items into recycling. When the table was clear, we wiped down the tablecloth. What did the table look like, anyway? I lifted the tablecloth. What?? Are you kidding me? A valued piece, it was a lovely antique with some dings, suggesting generations of family use. I excitedly recommended that Caroline let it shine, so to speak. We folded the tablecloth!

All we left on it – a cookbook rack, two canisters, a bowl with garlic bulbs, and a covered glass container. To the left – a round firewood holder and recycling bin. Below it – a rolling storage cart and step stool. To the right – the trash.


We had a bit of time left. What to do? Let’s clear off a desk in Caroline’s home office! It was easy-peasy. We added a computer part to others stored elsewhere, put ink bottles in a drawer and recycled some papers. The desk was ready to be a work space again, just like that!

Caroline had a plan. She would move the desk to another room, which already a couple of tall bookcases and workout equipment. In its place, she would put a futon couch from Ikea. Already researched and with the room space measured, it should fit. The room had another desk. It still could be her home office and, when needed, a guest room, too.

I’d never been to Ikea. Intrigued, I offered to go along to Montreal when the time might be right. It also would be fun to be a small part of the purchase and pick-up process, within the larger room transformation project. Yes! A road trip on the way – yay!


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Kitchen Clutter Cleared, and a Desk’s, Too!