Pol’s family lives up a hill in a log cabin house. We toured it, then discussed how to use our session time. We chose the kitchen clutter, as the room is central to the family’s life together. An easy first action was to clear the table. The bags held food gifts from a wedding trip. Into the cupboards! Paper – recycled or, if “use-able,” added to the bookcase, where we would work next.



I suggested my professional organizer’s tried-and-true method of working top-to-bottom. The bookcase’s top shelf stored alcoholic beverages and a few other items. We dusted off the booze and removed the other things. Next, we sorted through the bins, which held medications and other items used often, if not daily. On the next shelf, we grouped the three-hole punch, stapler, and some other office supplies on the left, paper and notebooks in the middle, and a seemingly lifetime supply of post-it notes on the right.

The next shelf – some books and open space! It’s good for the eyes to be able to rest a bit. The three shelves below now held more office supplies, pens, and some play items.


With our remaining time, Pol and I focused on the island. It held onions and other often-used meal ingredients. We put other food items in the cupboards. Pol asked about the tiered storage piece. Should it stay, or be removed? I asked what he thought. Perfectly anticipating my response, he removed it. We found some pretty bowls for the foods it had held. We agreed that the room’s energy and spaciousness improved, in a big way!



As we finished our session, Pol looked relieved about clearing the kitchen clutter. Success!

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Kitchen Clutter Cleared! The Room Feels Better!