In a next session, Peggy and I cleared kitchen cupboards clutter. We worked on two, which were under counters and across from each other. One was larger than the other. The larger one had the pieces of a Magic Bullet blender, a more conventional one, a few skillets, flour, pasta, rice cakes, and a bottle of booze. The smaller one contained a somewhat entertaining combination of matching nesting sauce pans, a Dutch oven and skillet; plus suntan lotion, bug spray, and a few sanitizers and disinfectants.

How to use the two spaces better? We discussed options. First, while it might be convenient to keep suntan lotion and bug spray handy near the door, they might be stored elsewhere. We consolidated skillets, the matching nesting pieces, the blenders, muffin tins, casserole dishes, and baking sheets in the larger cupboard. We put fewer items into the smaller cupboard – a ceramic pitcher, bagged dog food, plastic storage containers, candles. It also had open space – yay! What might migrate there? While still to be determined, Peggy would carefully consider options. In the meantime, her cupboards clutter was cleared!


We had a bit of time left. How to use it? A lower drawer could use quick attention. Some plastic bags were stuffed into it. There also were shipping tape and a kitchen towel. We added the bags to others stored elsewhere, kept the tape, tucked birthday candles into a corner, and left some open space. Yay!


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Kitchen Cupboards Clutter Cleared!