Jessica shares her noble and stately 1830 house with her partner and their three sons from previous relationships. A second floor room functions as laundry room and workout space, with a window looking out at a popular hiking mountain.

There was a wood cabinet/dresser piece, perfectly and snugly placed along the room’s end wall. It was piled high with laundry. First, we removed the clothes. We discussed how to tweak the room. Perhaps remove the wood piece? No. Let’s keep it there, but use it better. How? That would become clear. A TV set magically migrated there, which might be good to prevent boredom when the bike trainer is used, mostly during the winter.

We also removed a rolled-up rug, and discussed how to use the newly-available space. There were some plastic shelves across the room. Might they fit? “Measure twice, and move once.” They wouldn’t stick out too much into the room, thereby protecting the all-important workout space. Yay!


Also in the room – her gigantic punching bag, which looks like an enormous marshmallow on steroids. It would be most useful if placed elsewhere in the room, so she could get maximum punching and kicking area for great workouts. We moved it to where the plastic shelves had been.


Jessica also worked some magic with the laundry bins just inside the door, so they wouldn’t be overflowing and look awful.

With the room now more welcoming, both for laundry and workouts, Jessica looked relieved. Her smile showed it! What might be next? That was to be determined.

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Laundry Room AND Workout Space Transformation