Peggy’s basement has a room with a collection of bins and totes on shelves. While that’s fine and functional, the floor eventually filled with even more storage containers. It was just about impossible to walk across it. We would clear some basement clutter so she would be able to walk around the room.

I suggested my tried-and-true professional organizer’s method of starting in one corner and working our way around the room. In this instance, we tweaked it a bit, focusing first on an entire wall. The goal – to pile similar totes on top of each other, while leaving room to reach the shelves on the facing wall. How many times did we tweak the growing tower of totes? A couple of them were really heavy. We got our day’s workouts lifting them – too many times!


We continued our way around the room, adding to the tower of totes, consolidating the contents of others, neatening up a bit, and otherwise clearing a space to walk.


This was an excellent example of “good enough is good enough.” Some of the shelves’ contents didn’t look picture perfect. Not needed! It’s a basement room. So long as Peggy can reach the many bins and totes, all’s well. Basement clutter cleared!


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Let’s Clear Basement Clutter to Walk Around!