Sarah would like to cook more. How to support that goal? Let’s clear pantry clutter! Finding things easier would make cooking more fun.

How to start? We decided on the door, since it might be easy. Working top-to-bottom, my professional organizer’s preferred method, we tossed items past their “sell by” dates. We grouped baking ingredients, salad dressing packets, camping foods, energy drinks and powdered tablets on the pantry shelves. The door storage shelving unit was almost empty. Great! We ultimately decided to consolidate its contents even more into the pantry and remove it altogether. An interim “after” photo follows, but no photo of the door without shelves. (Oops!)


Next, on to the pantry shelves. On the top shelf, we placed empty plastic containers, which might (either soon or eventually) hold staples like cereals or pastas. They would be hard to miss there! We further refined the groupings started as we emptied the door shelves. Everything was easy to see, easy to reach, easy to use. Pantry clutter gone! Let the spirited cooking begin!


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Let’s Clear Pantry Clutter!