Caroline’s house is on a rural dirt road. It’s full of character, including some entertaining Shakespearean insults as refrigerator magnets. If only the title of this post were as clever. Alas…

Where to start? She chose the living room. We started with the coffee table. It had a small pile of papers. We sifted through them, found homes for them and other items on the table, dusted it, placed remotes together, and were ready to move on to another spot.

A corner had a card-size table, two chairs, and a standing lamp against the wall. Did she use the laptop computer on the table? Not often. It could go elsewhere. We moved the table into another room. How to use the space? From across the room, we moved the Arts and Crafts/Mission-style chair with footstool, and an ottoman there, and shifted the standing lamp, so that it could still be useful. Magically, another ottoman appeared. A tray placed on top would protect its fabric, making it a nifty little side table.

Caroline said that the room felt so much bigger! Also, moving the furniture would provide a more direct line to the fireplace with wood.

Ah, the fireplace. Above it hung some holiday garland. Since we were working on a summer’s day, I asked if, perhaps, there might be some more seasonal decoration to hang there instead. No. We looked online and found some that looked like sunflowers, which also might brighten the somewhat dark brick background. Homework – I asked Caroline to sweep up ash from the last heating season.


We walked into the adjoining room. It held a desk, workout equipment, and two tall bookshelves full of books. We discussed some options for it, including replacing the desk there with one from her home office. Would it be possible to hang some chairs on the wall, to get them out of the way? No, not really.

Where would we work next? That was to be determined. Caroline was pleased. Success!

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