We met at a professional gathering. Master electrician Dave asked for help with his truck. Like many others in the trades, he needs many items on a moment’s notice at job sites. Could I, a professional organizer, help him? Sure! I’d never worked on a truck before, so this would be fun, and maybe a challenge, too.

We talked about the back of the truck. We would try to empty a big bin. I suggested hanging ladders from hooks on the sides, which he would get. When we were done, the back of the truck looked much neater.

We also reorganized the bins on the sides of the truck. We collected all tools together, grouped switch plates and light bulbs, tossed tools that weren’t useful anymore, etc.

Our time used up and Dave’s truck better organized, he said that he would be able to work more efficiently and find items without frustration. A great byproduct – saved time, always important on the job. Success!

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