In our second session, Jennifer and I mostly focused on her sweet desk, which she’s had for decades and likes very much.

First, we lifted everything to clear clutter from its top, dusted, and returned only a few items.  Next, we worked on its cubby holes. Internal desk organization would make it much easier to use. We collected checkbooks, eyeglasses, phone-related items, magnifying glasses, and varied office supplies. We placed “like with like” in the cubbies. On its surface, we grouped together big calendars and notebooks. In the drawer underneath, we organized lined paper and two pretty boxes containing notecards.

The desk organization completed, in our remaining time, we started sifting through some other collected mail and random items that were keeping company with each other.

We discussed our next session, when we might work on the island, or free-standing bookshelf, next to the desk. We scheduled it for two weeks later. Appreciating my work as a professional organizer, Jennifer said, “More fuel for the jet engine!”

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Our Planned Desk Organization Task is Done

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