Wendy lives in a lovely apartment. Its utility closet was jam-packed with a jumble of winter coats, gloves, and scarves; cat food and litter box items; summer bedding; tablecloths, placemats, and napkins. There also were three big plastic planters, a bucket, two watering cans, folded summer chairs, folding tables to (maybe) hold TV trays, and luggage, too. Rolls of paper towels were both loose and in partially-emptied plastic packaging. There also was an easel and a framed art piece for donation to a summer tag sale. Let’s not forget the artificial holiday decorations: two wreaths and a bulky, bagged tree. Lots of closet clutter to clear!

Where to start? We pulled out many items. It felt overwhelming! We started with some shelves. We designated one basket on the lower shelf for glue and other utility-type items, shelf paper, a hat for Kentucky Derby day, and other seemingly random items. I suggested hanging all vests, jackets, and coats on one side of the closet, so we could use the opposite space for other items storage.




Next, we focused on the shelves across the way. Did Wendy have a step stool? Would she be okay with using it to reach the top shelf? “Yes” to both questions; good! I loaded the paper towels and toilet paper on the top shelf.



I usually prefer to not put items either on top of each other or behind others. It’s important to be able to see things, to use them, and then to easily return them to their “homes.” Otherwise, it can get frustrating. That’s how items can be dropped on the floor and clutter returns. With the available space, that general practice wouldn’t be possible. I placed a bag of folded tablecloths on top of the folded tables. Towards the back, the black suitcase provided a base for a basket with other table linens, then three rolled pieces, and a bag with other treasures.



Last, I hung Wendy’s two artificial holiday wreaths high up on the walls just inside the door on opposite sides. They would be out of the way, protected, and also a bit festive. Ba-da-bing!

As we finished, Wendy said that she was surprised that everything fit back into the closet. I was, too, and said that it felt like doing a puzzle. Very satisfying!

Next, after a few weeks’ break, we will organize her two bedroom closets. Onward!

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