Let’s maximize the space in your broom closet. Especially at this cold time of year, when it’s easy to just jam stuff into it, it feels especially important to use each inch of space to best advantage. From the archives, here are a professional organizer’s suggestions.

  • First, reserve a bottom spot for the vacuum.
  • Place on a shelf at eye level some items you might need at a moment’s notice, like a flashlight, batteries, matches, a hand-cranked radio, a first aid kit.
  • Place at the top items not used often, like a humidifier. If space allows, hang a wall-mounted stepladder nearby.
  • A hanging shoes bag is handy to hold cleaning spray bottles, cleaning wipes and other items that can get lost in the crowd on shelves.
  • A sweater organizer’s cubby holes can corral and control paper towels and other large items.
  • Clear plastic bins can hold similar items, like light bulbs, extension cords, rolls of tape.
  • A plastic holder with holes for broom handles and hooks for whisk broom and dust pan, fly swatter, etc., can use wall space well.
  • A shelf unit, attached to the closet door’s inside, can hold flower vases, cleaning supplies, etc.

One last suggestion … do you have a fully-charged fire extinguisher? If not, you might take care of that important task, too.

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To Maximize Broom Closet Space

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