Melinda and I were doing a big, big job, clearing basement clutter. She and her husband Lee, now deceased, loved working on projects there. As she said, he wasn’t good about putting things away. She and I worked well together, sharing laughs and musical references. Example – as we moved a set of metal shelves, Melinda said it was like a promenade. Whose music would be best to sing or hum? Of course it was the main theme of Peter and the Wolf, by Sergei Prokofiev!

Fun musical references aside, our time was getting tight. Melinda’s knee replacement surgery, originally scheduled for the summer, was moved up. Great news! It also meant that we would have to work faster, to accomplish some of her goals for the basement space.

One area was next to where her koi fish live during the winter, before it’s time for their warm weather return to her back yard, with its eye-popping view of Lake Champlain.


Another big focus area was where Melinda wanted to load a pegboard with items she would want to use often. It was at the bottom of the basement stairs, where she also wanted to leave tires, for easy access. A friend helped her attach the pegboard to the wall, then we filled it.


She had a “stroke of genius,” adding the perfect storage solution for her glasses to a shelf next to the pegboard – a toilet paper roll!



At the beginning of our work together, Melinda said that she had feared it would take the rest of her life to clean up the basement and make it really usable again. Now, as we finished, she was a bit stunned, in a good way, about all that we accomplished. There were other work areas not shown here that we organized, like the paint room. She was very pleased and, where our work was considered, was ready for her surgery. Lots of basement clutter was gone. Success!

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