In our next session at the dance studio, we first discussed the plan to have shelves built into the closet we organized last time around. Wisely, the dance studio director already had decided against that, since she doesn’t own the building. Why pay for permanent improvements? Instead, she will buy hanging storage, canvas cubbies often used for sweaters. That way, if she leaves the studio space, she can bring the hanging storage elsewhere.

Next, we returned to the four-drawer chest in a corner of the larger of the two studios. We then emptied the bottom right drawer, and left it that way. An empty drawer – unheard of!


We then turned our attention to the top of the chest, and around it. We cleared it. Thrilled with our progress, the dance studio director predicted that her younger students would be, too, and would call me the “magic fairy godmother.” Sweetness! What professional organizer wouldn’t cherish a label like that?

In our next session, the dance studio director and I will organize her walk-in closet at home.

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