Natalie feared that I would cringe when first seeing the work we would do together. A house tour showed the piano room, the dining room, the master bedroom and its walk-in closet. Also, some art could be hung. Where to start?

We chose the piano room. We neatened a closet. Next, we focused on a corner near the piano. In it, an antique school desk, covered with music scores and other papers. It deserved to be more visible and enjoyed. Plus, a framed print of the composer Johannes Brahms at the piano should hang near the piano, right? Yes!

We cleared an area near the closet, a better place for the little desk.

Next, a beginning at tackling the mail, other papers and projects that collect on the dining room table. We made some good progress, leaving more work for our next session. Forrest the kitty, who “supervised” our efforts, must have been exhausted since, after I left, he curled up in the top of a box that had held some papers.

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Natalie’s Projects – a Process