We all know that being happy at home isn’t just about filling it with objects we love. You can find new satisfaction there by adding a few simple practices to your routine and, before you know it, these habits will refresh your life, both inside and outside your walls.

From starting your day off on the right foot, to carving out “me time,” to taking care of chores in the moment — it’s the little things in life that go a long way. The best part is that they are so easy to do you can start adding them today!

1. Wake up early – even if you don’t have to.

2. Make your bed right away – for a tidy start to the day.

3. Fuel up with a real breakfast.

4. Wash, dry and put away dishes – or place them in the dishwasher – as soon as you’re done with them.

5. Carve out a bit of “alone time” for yourself.

6. Especially effective during the winter, lift your spirits and add some beauty to your home by buying fresh flowers, even if just a relatively inexpensive bouquet from the grocery store. Maybe split it up and place some flowers in each room. To keep them fresh for as long as possible, change the water daily and snip the stem bottoms on the bias, so their cells can best absorb the fresh water. I often get them at a well-known national discount grocery store. They usually last for two weeks!

7. Take a walk, to keep your body and mind active.

8. Read something every day.

9. Share your home with others.

Nine Easy Habits to Make You Happier at Home