In our next session, Peggy wanted to focus on the kitchen. There were drawers to organize, cupboards to rearrange, and more. Where to start? How about the counters themselves? Okay, but first, a couple of drawers. One held a variety of items, including cutlery to return to her daughter, and two lights to install under cupboards to direct light downward onto the counters. We set the cutlery aside to return. Peggy would install the lights.


The next drawer had cooking utensils. We inspected all. We tossed those not in tip-top shape. Why have two corkscrews? Peggy kindly said that she would donate it and other duplicate items to a local women’s chorus’s upcoming annual tag sale.


Now, the counters themselves. Methodically, we considered every item in each area, to the left and to the right of the stove, and to the right of the sink. I asked lots of questions, some of them repeatedly. Does Peggy use a particular item a lot? Must it stay on the counter, or where else might it go? We tossed some foods, put other items in cupboards. Her tall son kindly placed two beautiful wine glasses above the cupboards, on either side of a woodcut, which says that family is the most important thing



Where will we work next? Maybe more in the kitchen, to put more “like with like?” Perhaps in her crafts room? We’ll find out. In the meantime, Peggy was smiling. Success!

After our session ended, Peggy rearranged a few things on the counters and sent the following photo. Kitchen counters transformed – yay!

A lovely kitchen!
Peggy’s photo of her clutter-free kitchen!

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