During our last session, Nina and I had forced ourselves downstairs into the basement on a perfect, warm and cloudless afternoon. Our next two sessions, devoted to the garage, were rainy. That’s not fair! When I walked in for the first of the two, we whined to each other, laughed, got over it, then went outside.

Our strategy was to work around the garage; that is, starting in one corner, and working our way around it. We started at the tops of shelves, working our way down. We devoted an area to camping gear, another to sporting goods, somewhat arranged by season. Lumber that had been been standing vertically was stacked horizontally. Another area was for her husband’s tools.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” We put items needing to be rinsed, like plastic sleds and watering cans, outside in the rain. Though the two afternoons were rainy, they weren’t cold. And, we didn’t get hot!

At the end, Nina was smiling, and said that she was grateful to approach winter with a de-cluttered, organized garage.

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Nobody Said that Life was Going to be Fair