She found De-clutter me! online. Renee left a somewhat anxious-sounding voicemail message. She mentioned family visitors and having been ill. Two rooms needed help. I called back, we chatted and scheduled a “double session” day – three morning hours, a break, then three more hours in the afternoon.

She called at 7.00 on the scheduled morning. She was ill, including with a fever of 101. We rescheduled and I urged her not to worry. Better to concentrate on feeling better, and we’d get it all done soon.

I arrived on a Saturday morning that was changing from rainy to glorious. She lives in a sweet second-floor apartment within a farmhouse surrounded by gorgeous gardens. Her landlady has a good eye, and is a talented gardener. Farther afield are some 150 acres of the family farm.

We strategized. She wanted to clear the guest room, moving some items to the storage room. (There’s no basement or attic space.) First, we would have to conquer the clutter in the storage room. We hauled from the garage two shelving units, discussing how they would best use space in the room, while allowing air flow from its two windows. We placed on them holiday decorations and wrapping, a printer and scanner, photos, winter clothes, and various other items. With the center of the room clear, she may even be able to do yoga there!

We brought some items from the guest room across the hall, then worked on it. We cleared floor space and the bed.

It was a very good start. She will be able to confidently welcome her visiting family. Tired, though smiling broadly and hugging me as I leaving, she called me an angel. Aw, shucks…

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