A room in Willow’s house is intended to serve several functions. It’s her home office. It stores art projects and supplies. It also could be a place for guests to sleep. That would require moving heavy furniture, which we would do at a later time.

As we got acquainted, I suggested that we start in one area of the room and work our way around it. It’s my professional organizer’s tried-and-true method. It keeps us on task and on track.

We started by the door. A low table with paper storage, which had been a “freebie,” was partly used. We put some more paper in it, then Willow changed her mind. Out of the room completely! It might be used elsewhere in the house, or maybe it would end up by the side of the road, for someone else. We put its notebooks into a bin. We cleared the dresser, put some art supplies into a corner bookcase, set other items in the trash, and still others into recycling. We repeated the process with a stand in the corner, which Willow set aside to place in the interior green house. We also removed the white cubbies, which also might be used elsewhere in the house. We cleared the floor, too. I placed a tall stool in the corner.


Our next focus area was a low bookcase, which held a few plants, including a decades-old jade plant! On its lower shelves – bins and papers. We went through the papers, putting some into recycling, others into the handy bins. Willow would review others.


With our remaining time, we cleared the sleeper sofa. We removed the “TV tray” and a small table. We cleared the table next to the sofa. Breathing room! Willow still would be able to reach items needed for her work, which might be enhanced by the cleared space.


Next time, we will continue on our way around the room, as its transformation takes shape.

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