During two next sessions, Jane and I worked on office clutter in two areas – the surface of her desk and a bookcase.

First, we worked on her desk, moving from one side to the other. The back left corner held a container with many cards and other papers. To use our time together well, Jane would go through that later, on her own, keeping the “good stuff” and tossing or recycling anything not worth saving. We opened mail, sifted through many other papers, filing some, and recycling others. What was the miniature red hand truck for? It had been a holiday stocking stuffer, meant to hold a cell phone. Cute! In our available time, we cleared most of the desk clutter, with a bit left on the right side. Jane was sure that she easily could finish that small area, without feeling overwhelmed.


The bookcase held pens, brushes, binder clips, books, three-ring binders and notebooks from her former professional work, and more. Working top-to-bottom, we placed the many pens, felt-tip markers, binder clips, tape, and stapler on the bookcase top and its first shelf. At another time, Jane would “test” the pens, to keep the good ones and to discard those “past their prime.” We put books on the second shelf then, on the third, the binders and notebooks from her previous work. Easy-peasy!


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