After working on the crafts side of the room, in our next session, Peggy and I started work on office clutter. We would focus on the side of her desk, and on a cupboard next to it.

The first part was easy-peasy. On one side, we went through a container and files holder, separating items to recycle, to shred, or to return to the files holder. Admittedly, I was a bit strict about that. What really should go there? Just a handful of items that Peggy would work on soon. She would go through the last container herself. It held cards. I encouraged being tough, to recycle most of them, and to keep only those that were truly memorable.

The other side held a little plastic storage piece with drawers. Its contents could go elsewhere, into the cupboard we would work on next. What to do with the storage piece? Peggy had a lightbulb moment. It could hold jewelry – yay!

She seemed a bit anxious as we started on the cupboard. Reassuring her, we started on the right, next to the printer. There were a couple of thumb drives, a small sound recorder, and a few other items. We started a bag of small electronics, set aside the recorder for her sweetie, and the mug of pens for her to go through.

Next, the top cubby hole next to the printer. It held varied kinds of papers and some other items, most of which we recycled. We agreed that it was the best spot for paper, labels, and similar items. Exploring the next two cubbies down, we set aside blank CDs to donate, other small electronics to save, and other items to either donate, toss, recycle, or shred. In one of them, from the right side of the desk, we stored together a small scrap paper pad and post-it notes, paper clips, the stapler, staples, and the staple remover. Below it, the bag of small electronics and a box containing work contacts’ business cards. The wider, lower shelf held some kinds of paper, which we added to those collected above.

Our time used up, we spoke about the remaining electronics in the bottom of the cupboard. Peggy would ask her son to go through all of it.

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