It’s always good to shed mental clutter; it makes us lighter. It can come in many forms. One can involve gardening, of all topics. Do you struggle to remember what plants work well, and where? What annuals grow well in the ground, or look good in particular planters or containers? How much mulch to buy? How to recall all of this useful information?

You might start a gardening journal. Do you have a favorite place to buy plants, as I do? You might secure the receipt(s) from your purchase(s) to its pages. You’ll better remember how much you spent on what, which also could help with future budgeting. Tape little plastic plant and/or veggie identifiers to its pages, with comments about how plants do, perhaps as the season progresses and, then again, once it’s done. How much compost, fertilizer, mulch and other plant supporting products do you need? Write notes, so you’ll remember from year to year. Very useful for me, so I’ll know that a yard of bulk mulch will do it, with a bit left over for touch-ups.

I always feel lighter after adding to my gardening journal. Less mental clutter! Now, if I only can rid my brain of truly useless information, like the obsolete phone number of my best friend’s family from decades ago. There’s also a storehouse of song lyrics. Not useless, but also using up some of my available cranial cavity space which, like for everyone else, is in somewhat limited supply.

On Mental Clutter, Vol. II