A professional organizer, people sometimes ask me for one tip that will make their lives easier. I often suggest “One of Kind,” a notebook to hold random “stuff.” Worth repeating from several years ago, and with an extra thought or two, here’s an explanation.

Do you ever wonder where to store unconnected pieces of information, so that you can find them when needed?

It’s easy, once you make a “One of a Kind” notebook.

All you need is a three-ring binder, three-hole-punched paper, tape and, if you also wish, plastic sheet protectors that open at the top. All are available at office supply stores.

The contents list at the beginning of mine includes the prescription for my eyeglasses, the “ingredients” for my mother’s homemade furniture polish, laundry instructions for the fabric shower curtain.  You might add a list of household maintenance professionals, like contractors, electricians, and plumbers, for when the need arises. (Having that particular information handy could lower the stress of a situation needing immediate action.) You get the idea.

I prefer having the actual notebook, instead of storing the information on my phone or computer. Less screen time can be healthy. Bonus points – you’ll save time and brain space – always good!

If space allows, you might want to add warranties, operating manuals and other information about appliances and other gadgets. No additional room? Another three-ring binder, with sheet protectors, will save more time.

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