She’s a busy wife, mother and professional. We had worked together in the spring, in the office nook of the master bedroom. She works at home. We’d planned to work again, when time allowed. The summer got busy, complicated by a car accident. She needed time to recover. Also, her father-in-law passed away, requiring travel.

When I returned, it was clear that we would have to revisit clearing her desk. It was understandable. She was doing the best she could. Plus, at the end of a workday, if there was a chance to get out onto the lake aboard the family boat, wouldn’t that be more fun than clearing off her desk for the next day? Also, it could boost her spirits as she continued to feel better.

That repeat “visit” completed, with her acknowledging how much better she felt about the desk, we moved to her dresser. We cleared its top, adding treasures to the roomy and well-designed jewelry box.


With our remaining session time, we cleared a bedroom corner and organized her bedside table. We placed books on the floor, so she would have them nearby.

In our next session, we would continue working our way around the room.

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