David approached me about his father, Alex, who needed a professional organizer’s help. Alex and his wife were married for 59 years. After her passing two years ago in 2016, he sold their home and moved into a retirement community last fall (2017). As he admitted, with some embarrassment, he “never got over the move.” There were piles scattered around. Adding to the stress – his passport was missing.

In our first session, we cleared the kitchenette area. Even the cook surface was covered. Asked about meal preparation, Alex replied that he either eats in the facility’s dining room or he goes out.

Once he washes the dishes stacked in the sink, Alex’s kitchenette area will look even more organized.

We also discussed the cupboards. Where to put things for his convenient use? In the top right, we placed various drinks and bottles of beer, which had been in a box on the floor.

Another cupboard would be for snacks. Once reorganized, there was some extra space. A shelf extender would make even better use of it.

Alex did something that no other client has ever done – he went off to take a nap while I worked on the cupboards! That was a first! Beforehand, though, I asked how to gently wake him. A tap on the shoulder would do it.

When Alex rejoined the “party,” I showed him the cupboard progress. He was pleased with his kitchenette. We agreed to work our way around the apartment in future sessions.

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